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The most important diamond characteristics that are graded and measured are diamond color, clarity, cut, and Las Vegas engagement rings carat weight. These four factors, also called the four Cs” have the most impact on the price of diamonds.

Our selection of GIA certified diamonds includes GIA certified loose diamonds as well as finished GIA diamond jewelry creations. Our GIA diamond jewelry collection offers a variety of styles ranging from simply elegant to elaborately formal diamond engagement rings. Personalized from start to finish, you can select your GIA diamond and we will be happy to set it in the mounting of your choice.

We carry an extensive collection of GIA certified diamonds. The GIA diamonds selected for our inventory go through a strict quality control process, so only the finest quality GIA diamonds on the market are considered. Our GIA certified loose diamonds range from colorless to fancy color diamonds, and we carry all shapes and carat sizes, offered at greatly discounted prices. At Firenze Jewels, you can purchase fine quality GIA diamonds directly from the source, which equals a great savings to you.

Want to shop for Solitaire Rings online? aside from researching the certificates, you’ll conjointly get a good plan regarding the standard of the diamond by having a decent investigate it. Inferior buy loose diamonds tend to appear glassy or boring and conjointly appear to be injury out light-weight from their bottom. Some buy loose diamonds square measure specially move hide imperfections and flaws and don’t seem to be as valuable as they’re projected by their sellers.how a diamond is graded

Removing the Stone from the Mounting allows the Grader to get the Exact Measurements, Exact Weight, Exact Color (Grading it on a Colorimeter), and Exact Clarity of the Stone. Grading the Stone Loose could possibly Get you a Better Appraisal and a Better Value. Or like I said before, it could also be the Opposite. You could find out it’s Worth Way Less than what you Paid for it.